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ou are in the perfect place at the perfect time. No more looking back at what could have been or should have been. I invite you to look forward into what will be. A more expanded version of yourself. A version of you that you are proud of! You are a woman who takes steps in the direction of your desires…

I’d like to offer you some assistance to create this reality in your life. It's time you discover a step by step process to embody and embrace your beautiful life on your terms. Designed specifically for a busy, modern day woman like you. This powerful system gives you permission to engage in your life in a way that truly serves you.

Have you ever looked at other
successful women and wondered
what they are doing that you aren't?

How are they accomplishing all that they are doing? How are they living the way they are living? How are they making the money, feeling the freedom and creating the space to enjoy? Not to mention how are they looking the way they are or how did they find that perfect soul mate?


VERY successful woman, whether she is an entrepreneur, an author, a business woman an artist or a coach knows they must maintain a certain structure in their daily lives. They follow a daily success ritual to ensure they feel good every day.

If you are committed and serious about allowing your desires into your life and living your life in a way that truly pleases you then you're ready to add a practical yet powerful daily success system into your life... Your next step is to join the "Femme Flow Reveal".

No matter what’s happened to you in your past
you can move forward and live a more beautiful life

I’m Tara Marino and I’ve been through quite a lot to get where I am today. What I’m about to share with you gets pretty dark.

It’s important to recognize that just because I was at my bottom doesn’t mean this won’t benefit you if you’re in a better place than I was. Many of my clients have had successes in their life and on the surface things are going well. But they were looking for a way to enhance and improve their life… In a minute I’ll share the daily success system we are all using to feel more connected and fulfilled… Day in and Day out...

But first I’m going to be vulnerable and open with you. I hit my bottom in 2001. When I lost my firstborn son, Mason, to pneumonia on his 6th day on this planet. As you can imagine I was a mess. I lost my will to function in everyday society. For a year after, I consumed Xanax, anti-depressants and a bottle of red wine almost daily. Mentally, physically and spiritually I felt broken.

A year later I was sitting on the floor in front of a pile of legal papers. If I was going to file a legal grievance now was the time… I remember crying. Asking “Why me. Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do wrong?”

In that moment I heard a whisper and it said don’t ask “Why?” Start asking “How?” How are you going to choose to move forward from this experience? From then on I chose to allow that entire experience to propel me forward instead of getting stuck in the “Why?”.

I called my lawyer and told him we were not filing any legal actions. And I started taking baby steps towards feeling a little better each day. The fog started to lift off.

Use this “daily success system" to create your beautiful life!

Shortly after I was blessed with a divine gift from god/spirit/the universe/source (whatever you want to call it). I was inspired to create a system to help heal myself… This unique system helped me live a more full life. It showed me how to call in my desires. It showed me how to deal with negative thoughts. It showed me how to expand what I thought I was capable of. The “system” is the Femmetypes. And the FemmeTypes helped me move on to create a pretty amazing life.

One that would have felt near impossible when I was struggling with the loss of my son. But the FemmeTypes showed me how to take 1 day at a time to build upon one another… And over time it had compounding effects in not only my life. But the lives of thousands of women’s around the world.

I started following a 10-minute process every day. It was short. It was easy. It was practical. And it has proven to be extremely powerful. It’s called the Femme Flow Reveal. Following this "daily success system" has helped me take small daily steps to achieve some pretty incredible things…

  • 1.Today I’m writing this letter from my kitchen table in Paris. It was a lifelong dream of mine to live in Paris.
  • 2.A husband of 15+ years! And yes we made it through that tragic loss of our son despite the odds of couples divorcing when losing a child. We are passionate, connected and love each other more than ever.
  • 3.I have 2 healthy (and spiritually connected) boys.                                                                                                            
  • 4.I’ve created a fashion line and we held our first fashion show in Paris last February (next one's coming in March 2017)…

Writing this out still feels a little crazy. Not that long ago it didn’t seem possible to achieve. But I had the help of my FemmeTypes… And I followed The Femme Flow Reveal process…

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he "Femme Flow Reveal," advanced training session will teach you step by step how to PROPERLY engage the most important 10 minutes of your day.

When you properly align with your day and gracefully engage in a practical, easy-to-follow, daily success ritual you'll receive the momentum and results you are truly seeking.

This is what other successful women do. AND once you set the structure in place, it will begin to happen on AUTOMATICALLY.

You'll save time and heartache as well as move you elegantly towards your desired life.

When you properly align with your day and gracefully engage in a practical, easy-to-follow, daily success ritual you'll receive the momentum and results you are truly seeking.

This special advanced training will:

  • 1.Provide you the knowledge and understanding of what's really what's really holding you back on a day to day basis and how to shift it IMMEDIATELY.
  • 2.Show you the 10 most important minutes of your day and how to activate them so they serve you instead of work against you
  • 3.Reveal in detail what it's really going to take to live up to your full potential as a modern woman and how to allow your desires to become your reality.
  • 4.Train you the unique Femme Flow List System that will guarantee you receive clarity on your desires, assist your in structuring your day and most importantly help you receive the fulfillment you have been seeking (on a daily basis!).
  • 5.Specific guidance on how to infuse ALL of who you are as a woman into your day (no more putting pieces of yourself on the back burner)

and NO MORE SETTLING for less than you know that you are
capable of RECEIVING!

Tara's got something hot with her FemmeTypes- Lisa Sasevich

Here is what you will receive when you invest in the Femme Flow List training...


mini video

$ 97.00


These mini modules will go in depth into how to take full advantage of the Femme Flow list system and the FemmeTypes. The system was built to insure your authentic self is fully represented in your day. No more putting your head on the pillow wishing you could get a re-do or start over. You'll feel aligned with your truth each day knowing that with a short 10 minute process you made an impact and feel more fulfilled.

$ 97.00


Interactive workbook

At Elegant Femme we believe in experiential learning. Yes you can absorb knowledge just by listening. But we are not trying to skate by and do the minimum. We want to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And filling out the workbook along with the video trainings will ensure you get the most out of the program.

MP3 Bonus

$ 47.00


You will also receive an MP3 recordinging of the training so you can bring it with you on your phone and listen while in the car, at the gym, or while running errands. I know you're busy and on the move... Having the MP3's to take with you anytime makes it even easier for a busy woman like you to create balance in your life.

Our goal here at Elegant Femme is simple. To shift the consciousness of the planet 1 woman at a time. And the best way we know how to do that is to give you even more support in living the most beautiful life possible. Your version of YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE! On this one-on-one call you will get guidance and support on how to further ignite the FemmeTypes and the Femme Flow List into your life.

The total value of the Femme Flow List program with all the bonuses is $231.00

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I have been doing the Femme Flow List for the last week and already feel more in control, more focused and as though I am moving steadily forward! - Samantha Farmer

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The Femme Flow List will positively change your life. I have no doubt about it.

I'm so sure of this that I'm willing to take all of the risk for you!

Try the Femme Flow List program out risk free. If you're not thrilled with the content or if you don't feel it is making a lasting change in your life than you can email us at
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Just let us know within 60 days that you are not completely happy with your investment and
we will give you a complete refund. And you can even keep access to the program.

There is no risk to you at all for making this investment in yourself. The Femme Flow list is an
easy to follow system that will increase your daily fulfillment and joy. You'll finally put your head
on the pillow at night feeling a sense of satisfaction... knowing you truly honored yourself.

Make today a step in the right direction and invest (Risk Free) in the Femme Flow List program.

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My intention for you is to live your version of your beautiful life. If you also desire to create a more fulfilling beautiful life than the Femme Flow List training will get you where you want to be.

I look forward to continuing to support you on your journey. We are in this together.

With Beauty and Truth Always,

PS. The Femme Flow List is a success habit that can change the trajectory of your life.
It's a short process that creates the foundation for a more fulfilled and happy existence.

You have to take the first step and invest in yourself.
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